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Leona passed her tongue over her dry lips.

"Here's your young man," she said presently. "He didn't want to come, but I made a special journey and persuaded him. Never hide yourself at times like this.".
Only for a minute, a brief respite; then she must go down to her guests again..
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"Charlton's white set face as he pressed against the panes."--Page 124!
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Leona Lalage kept her face half hidden behind her fan. For the life of her she could not tell whether this man was playing with her or not Hitherto men had been her puppets, hitherto she had regarded all of them as fools. Lawrence smoked calmly on, as if he were discussing the weather or something equally exciting..
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"I have never had that on my conscience," he whispered. "And if we do----"
He whistled again and again, and presently the ambulance came trotting up. It was only when the body was raised that Hetty recognized the white still face. With a thrill it came to her that she was looking at Balmayne.
"But I managed it," Hetty went on. "When the critical moment came I was astonished at my own calmness. They suspected nothing. I was merely out there because I had a headache and could not sleep. So I saved that man's life. It was some time after that I lost my nerve and telephoned for you."
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
Same ! Who ever likes comics give me a reply
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The best!